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External review assist with laws and regulations to prevent damage and financial loss, as well as reduce the economic impact of the damage

If the damage has occurred, (illustrated by the drop), we assist investors in limiting the damage (illustrated by the surge) and the recovery of financial loss. We investigate, organize and finance litigation.




We assist with the prevention, audit and investigation of financial adultery / crime related to employees, close relatives, customers, contract partners etc.



We implement a complete GDPR system including documentation, checklists, risk and variance module etc. provided by Fonn Software. Statutory GDPR training.



We investigate financial matters, as well as prepare actual extracts with proof of paper or searchable pdf document for use in court.


We assist with prevention, auditing and investigation in connection with. suspicion of loss of assets prior to petitioning / bankruptcy in companies.


We provide notification service for effective reporting of nonconformities regarding EU law on Whistleblowing and the Money Laundering Act.


Is your case going to court? We have experts in finance, finance, business law who assist with expert investigations and examination of the evidence presented.


We assist with the prevention, audit and investigation of corporate clean-up, etc. where there is suspicion of loss of values and over-invoicing from related parties that are hidden in the accounts.


Experts and corruption experts assist with external audits, investigations and investigations. allegations of corruption and bribery.


We provide assistance with credit card misuse, breach of the banks' advisory duty and loss ifm. investment advice.


We assist with prevention, revision and investigation in case of suspected items. the use of illegal labor by partners / suppliers.


We assist businesses with the certification process, routines, etc. ISO 37001 ANTI-CORRUPTION, ISO 45001 Work Environment Management and 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.


We provide assistance with credit card misuse, breach of the banks' advisory duty and loss ifm. investment advice.


Financial crime and corporate corruption primarily affect owners, management and employees. However, corruption in the public sector affects us all in the form of more expensive public services and / or waste of public funds that could have been used for social purposes. Economic crime results in higher taxes for both businesses and individuals. Preventing economic crime is a shared responsibility for everyone, and an important corporate social responsibility for corporate and public sector management.


Prevention is done through the company's continuous work on quality control, routines etc. In addition, it will often be important to external audit and control that both internal and external requirements are met. If owners or management suspect that there are irregular matters related to management, customers, suppliers or employees, our investigators can help provide objective evidence of what has happened. We may prepare a report which will form part of the decision basis for the management / owners, and possibly assist with process improvements, change of routines, contact with lawyers etc. We offer Whistleblowing / notification service related to requirements in the Money Laundering Act and EU law on Whistleblowing.


We assist owners / management in preventing and scrutinizing events related to incidents that may give rise to liability, injunctions from you public, as well as fees and penalties. This also includes tasks related to compliance and improving the company's internal management systems to prevent non-compliance and fines for violations of the GDPR Act, the Whistleblow Act and the Money Laundering Act. If you have suffered a financial loss, our investigators and investigators may conduct an investigation that attorneys can use to assess any claims for damages. We undertake expert investigative work and have experts in law / finance / economics if you have a civil case or criminal case. In complex cases we put together teams of MBA, Quality Auditors, Accountants and Lawyers.

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Our team is composed of:


Lawyers Investigators




Quality auditors


Authorized Accountants


Risk Managers


Quality advisers


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